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How to quickly get the training you need to pass the California Guard Card certification test, Guaranteed!

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How to get your Guard Card quickly on your own schedule, at your convenience, without having to attend some class in a far away town

Online Community

Access to an online network of security professionals to exchange ideas, pick up expert 'tricks of the trade'' and learn how best to deal with day-to-day problems that crop up when you are on the job.

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Thousands of Security Officers are glad they choose us

Thousands of Security Officers have discovered our simple, 100% guaranteed system to help you get your Guard Card the FAST  and EASY way – now it’s your turn.

You don’t have to “figure it all out” on your own! I’ll show you proven systems to cut the red tape and get your Guard Card simply by following my step-by-step courses you can enjoy at your own pace.

You’ll get it all at a very affordable price, because I know first hand what it’s like trying to do this on your own with California’s confusing requirements and regulations.  I make it easy for honest, trustworthy people like you to enjoy the benefits of your career as a Security Professional!

Not Sure If This Training is Right For You?

Make sure that Online Security Guard Training is right for you BEFORE you begin.

Who The Training is For

If you’re just getting started on your security career we’ll get you started the FAST & EASY Way!

All California Security Officers are required to undergo 40 hours of training.  You can get all your security training here!

Who The Training is For​

Every California Security Officer is required to get and additional 8 hours of annual refresher training.  Every one of our 24 courses gives you credit towards your refresher training.

If you perform any task that a security officer would usually do then you’re required to get your guard card.  No matter who you work for or what you wear, if you are doing *anything* security related that you need a Guard Card.

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